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Axiis Inc (Axiis) is the lynchpin in a globally diversified physical commodities trading and supply chain organization composed of affiliated specialist companies strategically located around the globe. We are involved in providing significant services that allow commodities to move where needed to help keep the world fed and the wheels of industry turning. We use our industry knowledge to acquire and efficiently move bulk commodities and finished products from where they are produced or stored to areas across the world where they are needed for people to flourish.

As part of an independent consortium of global companies, Axiis is able to leverage its relationships, deep supply chain knowledge and years of experience as a participant in global commodities trading to ensure our clients are able to thrive despite the supply chain difficulties one encounters today in this complex world. Axiis specializes in symbiotically deploying the mixture of personal relationships, off-take agreements, strategic sourcing, and knowledge of transport (air and sea) it has developed over the years for the benefit of its global client base.

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Axiis stands ready to help you fulfill your most daunting supply chain issues on and end-to-end basis. More often than not, Axiis succeeds in solving your supply chain problems where you and others have tried and failed.
At Axiis, we love a good challenge!


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